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A meeting in the occupied Palestinian Naqab (Negev) gathered foreign ministers reprsenting regimes of Israel, Bahrain, UAE, Morocco, US and Egypt. In parallel King Abdullah of Jordan visited Ramallah and met with Mahmoud Abbas and his heir apparent (Successor) Husain Alshaikh.  Analysts and media outlets explained that the normalization meeting in the Naqab is to coordinate against Iran as an agreement comes close for the US to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal while the Jordanian-Palestinian leader summit was according to same analysts was to ensure pacification of Palestinians even as colonial settlers intensify their attacks. I am sure both are correct but there is a lot more to these things than is postulated. Meanwhile propaganda campaigns are relentless (see below on selective coverage of Ukraine versus Palestine). There are significant geopolitical changes.

China, Russia, India, and Iran (nearly half the world population) among other countries/governments are starting  to reposition themselves away from the unipolar US global Agenda. The ground is shifting and even “Saudi” Arabia rulers (created by British imperial support and sustained by US support) is moving to switch from the US fiat currency (the dollar) to the yuan  for oil sales (goodbye petrodollar). Yet we do not know why many Arab leaders continue to be “reactionary” and following guidelines from Washington rather than think of their own people let alone of making history themselves. This is not even helpful to their financial interest (leaked documents showed sizable secret bank holdings). After all what good is deposited money in Switzerland or even in Tel Aviv (which has become a center of money laundering for American, Arab, European, and Russian oligarchs). By the way, why is oligarchy is not used for all the others with ill-gotten billions?

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Yet, we find it sad that these geopoltical games trump the people’s needs and the environment. There are still nearly 8 million Palestinian refugees.

There is still genocide in Yemen. There is massive suffering in Syria, Iraq, Palestine. There is still damage to our environment: climate change, pollution, overexploitation, habitat destruction, and environmental injustice.

Example of the geopolitical “game” is the Tehran-Tel Aviv war now out in the open. Israel’s Mossad is actively pursuing an infiltration of Iran’s strategic depth and edging up to its borders. But now Iran will retaliate to oust the Israelis from places they don’t belong.


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The occupation authorities issue a 97 page document “Procedure for entry and residence of foreigners in the Judea and Samaria area” 9ie. Tightening even more the already draconian measures for “foreigners” (even those family members of Palestinains)


Optimism and the good struggle

http://qumsiyeh.org/optimism and the good struggle/

How Zionists act to shoot the messenger rather than deal with the substance of the Amnesty Report that describes the apartheid system


[Note: did Apartheid South Africa have a right to exist as a white state?] Ilan Pappe’s book Ten Myths About Israel is worth reading.


And here is a compilation of myths and facts that I did a while ago (needs updating) http://qumsiyeh.org/liesandtruths/

(these and other myths is what allows war crimes and crimes against humanity to go on with impunity)

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Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh

A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home
Professor, Founder, and (volunteer) Director
Palestine Museum of Natural History
Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability
Bethlehem University
Occupied Palestine

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