A comment on the situation in Idlib

The last few weeks in Idlib have been turbulent. This week the President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan has declared that after his telephone conversations with leaders of Russia, Germany and France Ankara has defined the action plan on Syrian Idlib.
According to him, Turkey’s actions in Syria are not an adventure, but a demand of the country’s national interests. If Turkey today refuses to fight for its interests in Syria, Libya and the eastern Mediterranean, it will soon face consequences.
As we wrote earlier, the main principle of the Astana process was to ensure the territorial integrity of Syria – so it is vital for Turkey to maintain good relations with the Syrian leadership, as well as with Iran and Russia – guarantor countries of peace in the region. Every conflict between Turkey, Russia and Syria is not due to the clash of interests of these countries, but for subjective reasons.
The American Big Middle East project has failed – but the Americans still hope to rehabilitate it through provocations in Idlib and Turkey’s artificial clash with Syria and Russia.
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