A Comment on Dimitri Konstantakopoulos’ article on “chaos strategy”

By Yannis Mavros

The “chaos strategy” which we are witnessing on a global scale has its origin in the US’s reaction to the emergence of Eurasia as the geoeconomic and geopolitical center of gravity of the planet, a development which effectively marginalises America and the US as an “island” on the periphery (see Zbignew Brzezinski’s “The Grand Chessboard”).

If left to itself, the logic of economic development inexorably leads to the integration of Eurasia as a geoeconomic (and consequently geopolitical) entity whereby Russia would acquire a pivotal role linking China and Europe, leaving little leeway to India and marginalising Japan. The “chaos strategy” is essentially the desperate attempt of the US to use its military might, along with its political influence over the various elites in the West, in order to contain, if not arrest, this development and indefinitely delay the loss of global US hegemony no matter what. This entails fomenting tensions and crises worldwide calling for the ‘mediation’ of the global gendarme in order to safeguard and promote US interests and perpetuate its involvement in every corner of the world. The fact that this aspiration is no longer supported by the indisputable predominance of the US economy and culture over its adversaries and requires brute force to be applied is what renders this strategy downright reckless and menacing for everyone.

It is under these conditions and the serious threats they pose for both Greece and Cyprus that we must deal with Turkey. The ruling  national ‘strategy’ of Greece’s “belonging to the West”,* traditionally the ideological expression of its subservient dependance, now threatens to make us an expendable buffer zone for the containment of Turkey (with or without regime change) if it doesn’t turn us prospectively into an appendage of Turkey (the ‘finlandization’ scenario) in the case (and in order) that the latter is reclaimed for the West. Discounting the overall importance of Greece for the West (and the East for that matter!) by reducing it to the geopolitical and geoeconomic dimension forebodes disaster not just for Greece and the West. Greece’s significance and potentially invaluable contribution to world affairs and international peace stems from its civilization and specifically from its heritage of Freedom and Democracy. That is why it is imperative to formulate a comprehensive alternative national strategy which will enable Greece and Cyprus to take the initiative in liberating Europe both from American tutelage, which turns her against Russia, as well as from German domination, which not only has cost and still costs us Greeks so dearly but threatens to destroy Europe once again.

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*During the Cold War this could unquestionably be termed a strategy but, given the radical change of circumstances hence, it has become more and more something of a relic, a misnomer which has been perpetuated by default, namely by the inability (and corruption) of the ruling class and the various elites to formulate and propose to the nation a strategy suited to the present.