55% of US Voting-Age Women Prefer Socialism, Over Capitalism

More than half of women aged from 18 to 54 say they aspire to live in a socialist nation over a capitalist one like the U.S.

19 January 2020

A majority of voting-age women in the United States oppose capitalism and would rather live under an economic system resembling the democratic socialist structure in force in Nordic countries such as Sweden and Norway, according to a reminder published Sunday by the news website Axios.

The Harris poll conducted for “Axios HBO” in June 2019 had shown that socialism gained popularity over the past years.

Four in 10 U.S. citizens, and 55 percent of women aged from 18 to 54, say they aspire to live in a socialist nation over a capitalist one like the U.S.

The rate of U.S. women supporting socialism surged from 40 percent to 55 percent, Axios’ journalists Felix Salmon and Alexi McCammond observe in an analysis titled “Capitalism’s discontents” and published Sunday.

“When Americans say they want to live in a socialist country, they don’t mean they want to live in a Marxist command economy. Rather, they mean that they want universal health care, tuition-free education, and a decent day’s wage for a decent day’s work,” Salmon and McCammond noted.

The two reporters add that a debate about the economic future of the country as well as the global economy could have a profound impact in this year’s elections in the U.S.

“Capitalism has failed most Americans in recent decades. Instead, it has created an economy that feels, and is deeply unfair,” they commented, adding that “tapping into that wellspring of resentment will be a major source of political support for all successful candidates in 2020.”

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Senator Bernie Sanders is the only Democratic presidential candidate who presents himself as a democratic socialist, often arguing that the economic system prevalent in the Nordic countries is an interesting example to explore and follow.

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