Unless both France and Britain act, more horrific or appalling deaths in the Channel are grimly inevitable

Nov. 24, 2021

MAYBE now, with more than 30 migrants tragically dead in the Channel, politicians on both sides of it will finally act.

Maybe the French will end their infantile anti-Brexit games, order their police to get off their backsides and stop these treacherous dinghies setting sail.

That cops should sit idly by yesterday while terrified and freezing children were packed into potentially lethal boats wasn’t just shameful. It was inhumane.

Maybe our own Government will put in place an asylum system fit for purpose, not our chaotic, lax regime which acts as a magnet for illegal immigration.

The wicked people-smugglers of course bear ultimate responsibility. France must send an army of cops to lock them up, as the UK paid them £54million to do.

But these evil gangs only have a trade because of ineptitude and a lack of will on both sides. And because the EU’s open borders let migrants cross Europe and reach the French coast unhindered.

Hundreds a day now risk the crossing knowing that if they succeed they will be fed, housed and never removed.

Unless both sides act, more horrific and appalling deaths are grimly inevitable.

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