Ukraine, Palestine, Taiwan. The course to World War and how to stop it

By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

If Russia had realised in time the depth and systemic nature of the aggression and intransigence of the Western capitalist-imperialist system, it would have acted more decisively by preventing or helping to suppress the coup d’état organised by the Americans in Kiev in 2014. And if it had chosen to intervene militarily, it would have done so before Ukraine (under the Trump presidency in particular) was armed to its teeth. We would not have had probably the current tragedy in Ukraine, nor would we be running the huge nuclear risks we are running today.

We are in a similar situation today. If democratic humanity exerts all its influence, cutting off all diplomatic and economic relations with Israel and putting pressure by various means on the countries that support it, then it can stop the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people and the further continuation of the western (and Israeli) totalitarian project that is ultimately leading us to world war. If not, it risks being forced to fight the battle in much worse circumstances, on much wider fronts and at much greater cost and risk.

What may still be preventable today may not be possible tomorrow. And if it is still possible to prevent it tomorrow, it will be at enormous cost.

This is not the first time this has happened. If the German Communists had given all their energies to stop Hitler and take power, with or without the Social Democrats, before 1933, the Soviet Communists would not have faced Hitler on the outskirts of Moscow and in Stalingrad. The same would probably have happened if the “western democracies” and the Spanish communists had acted decisively against Franco’s Fascists in Spain during the civil war (1936-39) which was the prologue and general test for World War II.

The same is now happening with Palestine. If the extremist aggression of the current Israeli government supported wholeheartedly by the United States and the European NATO and EU members is not stopped now, if it is allowed to complete its plan of ethnic cleansing of the entire Palestinian population, or even to provoke a war with Iran tomorrow, as it has been seeking for many decades, then it will be much more difficult to prevent a much bigger catastrophe tomorrow. The entire Middle East will be in flames and beyond, and the very survival of the states in the region could be at risk.

A “Black International” in action

The similarity between Palestine and Ukraine or pre-war Europe is not symptomatic. It is organic, ‘systemic’. President Biden himself admitted as much when he linked “solidarity” with Ukraine to that with Israel. In both cases, the stakes are not so much or only about ‘local’ causes, but about the dominance of the collective West, led by the US and Israel, in Eurasia, the Middle East and the whole world.

We have in all these cases the action of a Western “Party of Totalitarianism and War”, at the core of the Western capitalist-imperialist system, which is increasingly generalising war (against Russia, Palestinians, Iran, China…) as the main means of imposition and domination, both regional and global. The current Prime Minister of Israel, Mr Netanyahu, is not just a politician of a medium-sized country, but one of the most prominent and decisive representatives of this global party. He was the financier and the instigator of the elaboration of the Neoconservative plans that resulted in a dozen destructive wars in the Middle East and Africa ( Donald Trump spoke with him before delivering his 2017 speech at the United Nations in which he explicitly threatened North Korea, a country of 25 million, with extinction and used, thus legitimizing, for the first time since 1945, direct nuclear threats. It is rather Mr Netanyahu who is imposing his Middle East policy on the US (and on all European states and the EU) than the other way round. As for the methods and aspirations of this current in the Middle East, they are inspired by the ideas of Haushofer’s geopolitics, those that inspired the German National Socialists, Yinon’s strategy ( and Huntington’s ideas. They have nothing to envy from the methods of Nazism. For this wing, the motto is “war is the father of all”, even if it is entirely doubtful that they understand the world the way Heraclitus understood it (which was, after all, a product of the deep democratic revolution of the ancient Greeks in the Ionian cities and not of the eastern priesthoods).

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The alliance of Mr. Netanyahu with Jewish fundamentalism and his attacks against the General Secretary of the United Nations, betray also the totalitarian nature of this current. A large part of the Jewish people itself understand better than all of us this totalitarian character and what is capable of accomplishing, this is why we are witnessing a huge revolt against the Netanyahu’s government in Israel by a large part of Israeli citizens and even cadres of the Army and the Secret Services of this country.

War as the answer of Western Capitalism to its crisis

The tendency of today’s Western Capitalism to resort universally to war is explained by its own crisis, a crisis of economic and global domination, and it is not only manifested in the sphere of geopolitics, but also in the sphere of economy and society, as has happened with the destruction of entire social strata and countries, even countries that belong to NATO and the EU, such as Greece which was destroyed by the colonial “bail – out programs” imposed to it by Germany, the EU and the IMF, as manifested also in the war it has declared against the climate and the natural environment that allow the very existence of humanity and the higher forms of life on the planet.

If this global party is not defeated now, if it is allowed to succeed in its attempted ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, we will see it intervening tomorrow throughout the Middle East, in Taiwan and in Korea.  The problems will become increasingly difficult to deal with and the risk of nuclear ignition will inevitably grow, through error, through miscalculation or through trapping of the opposing sides in situations that make retreat unthinkable. Even if we avoid a nuclear holocaust, humanity will be lost by the ecological and other technogenic risks it faces, which are impossible to deal with in an atmosphere of Cold, let alone Hot, wars.

What to do?

And you will tell me now what is to be done? Should there be a military intervention in Palestine, on behalf of the Palestinians, as the one on behalf of Israel that Emmanuel Macron, the Rothschild banker ruling France and Biden’s ministers acting as employees of Netanyahu, are already thinking about?

Of course not. Precisely to rule out possibilities of wider military conflicts, conventional or even nuclear, the Arab and Muslim states,  the BRICS and the supporters of a ‘multipolar world’ must act decisively now using the sum total of the very many non-military, diplomatic ones, political and economic instruments that they have at their disposal and have not yet used to compel Israel to stop the ethnic cleansing today, now, and enter into negotiations with the Palestinians, the only solution to the present dangerous impasse for the benefit of Palestinians and all Arab peoples, the Jews themselves and world peace and security.

The states which will act in such a way will derive a tremendous political benefit, becoming the protagonists of the exit of the Middle East from the present dangerous for all humanity crisis. The BRICS project will make great political advances, by becoming the peaceful global alternative to the Wars unleashed or provoked by the “collective West”.

It is regrettable that the majority of Western parties and organisations that refer to the left betray their own base and ideology, siding, as in the Ukrainian case, with imperialism. And they do so because the majority of them are controlled, more and more directly, by world financial capital and the Zionist lobbies that are intertwined with it, with the result that they are unable to express a significant part of European and American public opinion, which, despite the pro-Israeli barrage from its media and politicians, is now revolting against the crime in Gaza, a crime that is horribly illuminating the future that the “Totalitarian War Party” is preparing for all humanity if we do not stop it here and now.

The (co-ruling) leftist Podemos party in Spain is a courageous and very important exception, calling for sanctions to be imposed on Israel and for the leaders of that country to be brought before the International War Crimes Tribunal (

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