Trump vs. Iran: ‘Fox & Friends’ Host Calls for Retribution While Pence Aide Downplays Imminent Action

Democratic Senator Chris Coons says, ‘This may well be the thing that calls for military action against Iran’

U.S. President Donald Trump declared Monday it “looks” like Iran was behind the explosive attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities. But he stressed that military retaliation was not yet on the table in response to the strike against a key U.S. Mideast ally.

“Fox & Friends,” a regular source of information for Trump, discussed the incident with co-host Brian Kilmeade saying “I think this cannot go without retribution.”

“They have provoked us before,” co-host Steve Doocy added. “Think about the tankers they have seized, they shot one of our drones out of the sky, and now it looks like this, even though the Houthi rebels are saying, ‘Oh we did it, 100%.’ Yeah, right.”

“The drone attacks, extremely disturbing from a security standpoint: What stops it from happening here?” Kilmeade added. “We have to keep the Strait of Hormuz open, and we’ve got to protect the world’s oil supply.”