Trump delights Netanyahu

Trump Delights Netanyahu With Belligerent and Nationalist Right-wing UN Speech

In threatening to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea, Trump resorted to rhetoric once reserved for half-crazed despots from semi-developed countries

By Chemi Shalev

One can understand why Israel’s royal couple, Benjamin and Sarah Netanyahu, came to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday night to marvel at Donald Trump. His speech was like a dream come true for right-wing nationalists everywhere, including Israel. With the exception of the embarrassing fact that Trump refrained from expressing America’s commitment to its best friend in the Middle East, as that Israel-basher Barack Hussein used to, the 45th president pressed all the right buttons, said all the required things and even used the kind of belligerent rhetoric that was once reserved for half-crazed despots from semi-developed countries. It was this speech that Netanyahu described as the sharpest and bravest he’d ever heard at the UN.