Tragedy in Tempe: In the plenary session of the Parliament, the conclusion of the inquiry committee

Mar 20, 2024

In the conclusion, which was approved by the majority of the committee, it was emphasized that, if the rules of the General Traffic Regulation had been strictly followed, the accident of February 28, 2023 in Tempe, would not have happened.

The opinions of the opposition have been submitted to the same conclusion, with SYRIZA-PS stressing that the culprits must be found, no matter how high they are, PASOK-Movement for Change talking about an attempt by the government to cover up the responsibilities for Tempi, the KKE to mark political and criminal responsibilities to the relevant ministers from 2010 onwards, the Hellenic Solution to call for the impeachment of the Ministers of Transport from 2012 onwards, the New Left to propose further investigation by setting up a pre-investigation committee, the Spartans Committee to register as self-evident the competence in principle of the Judicial Authorities, and KO Niki to attribute responsibilities to the prime minister and the co-competent ministers 2009-2023. Pleussi Eleftherias, which did not file a proposal for a conclusion, reported through its president Z. Konstantopoulou that there was a cover-up of the Tempe crime, by order of the government.

Today’s meeting will begin with statements by the party speakers, while the leaders of the opposition parties are expected to take the floor.

The Petitions Committee of the European Parliament will keep Maria Karystianou’s petition on Tempi open.

The issue of the Tempe train accident was discussed today in the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament under the urgent procedure. The Petitions Committee of the European Parliament (EP) decided to keep open the petition filed by Maria Karystianou on behalf of the Association of Relatives of Tempo Victims.

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The issue of the Tempe train accident was discussed today in the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament under the urgent procedure. At the end of the debate, the Vice-Chair of the Committee on Petitions, Jana Toom (Estonia, Liberals) announced that the petition remains open and the matter is being referred to the Committee on Justice and Freedoms (LIBE) and the Committee on Transport (TRAN) of the European Parliament, while requesting from the European Commission an updated written reply.

In her intervention, Maria Karystianou, mother of the eleven-year-old Marthi who lost her life in the accident in Tempe, stated that the voice of the relatives of the victims was magnified because it joined the voice of one million three hundred thousand people who have co-signed the petition submitted to the citizens European Parliament.

He explained that there are three requests of major EU interest: the protection of the Rule of Law, the protection of life and physical integrity of citizens and the safety of transport. The petition denounces, among other things, “the cover-up that followed the incident, especially regarding the cargo, which caused the unexplained explosion and fire, as well as the illegal alteration of the scene of the collision, which prevented the collection of evidence.”

The decision to keep the report on the Tempe accident open was supported by all the political groups of the European Parliament.

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