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Wagenknecht Sahra

Aufstehen! (Stand Up!) – a new left movement emerging in Germany?

By Klaus Dräger * In February 2018 Oskar Lafontaine wrote: "Do we need a movement of the political left accumulating broader forces (Sammlungsbewegung)? Yes, if...

The Wagenknecht project, a new movement?

by Manuel Kellner 15 September 2018 As spokesperson for the Die Linke party in the Bundestag (with Dietmar Bartsch), Sahra Wagenknecht comes from the anti-capitalist left...

Sahra Wagenknecht for dissolving NATO

The parliamentary leader of Germany's largest opposition party, the Leftist Linke, has urged the dissolution of the NATO alliance. Sahra Wagenknecht on Tuesday asked for dissolving the North Atlantic...

Sahra Wagenecht on Gabriel, SPD, AfD, War on Terror

Sahra Wagenknecht: We have been successfully running the Bundestag campaign for more than a year now. The Left is now highr in all surveys than in 2013, despite the strength of the AfD. The climate in the faction has also improved. There is a relationship of trust between Dietmar Bartsch and myself, we work well together. This is the prerequisite for a successful election campaign.