Tuesday, 30 November , 2021

Police state

Very disturbing questions

with English Subtitles Sbalorditive coincidenze Feb. 29, 2020 I misteri della Pandemia del Coronavirus: - Arma biologica? Strumento di abolizione della democrazia? Reset finanziario planetario? di...

France’s Counterterrorism Bill Normalizes Abusive Practices

The proposed bill doesn’t prolong France’s two-year-long state of emergency, what it does is rather more unsettling. by Kartik Raj | HRW September 25th, 2017 France’s draft...

Fichier des pièces d’identité : «Ce décret crée un monstre»

Le gouvernement a créé le 30 octobre par décret un fichier regroupant les informations liées à la création des pièces d’identité et passeport. Afin de limiter la falsification, il étend ainsi le fichier déjà existant pour le passeport, listant notamment la couleur des yeux, la taille, l’adresse ou encore la photo. Les forces de police pourront en effet vérifier dans la base que

If Senseless Violence Continues, America Will Be a Total Police State...

Unfortunately for us, the horrible massacres that occurred in Dallas are exactly the sort of thing that the status quo wants to see. It further divides the public and it creates a justification for more militarization of the police, more surveillance and less civil liberties. Guess who’s going to be most negatively impacted by all of that? Black people, poor people, and the disenfranchised generally.