Wednesday, 19 June , 2024


La gauche européenne et la tragédie grecque

Par Dimitris Konstantakopoulos * Une grande confusion plane sur la Grèce, de même qu’une simplification à l’extrême. En effet, le problème grec est présenté comme...

The European Left and the Greek Tragedy

by Dimitris Konstantakopoulos (*)   The day Greek workers and employees went on general strike, protesting against a new barrage of so-called “reforms” imposed by the...

Sahra Wagenecht on Gabriel, SPD, AfD, War on Terror

Sahra Wagenknecht: We have been successfully running the Bundestag campaign for more than a year now. The Left is now highr in all surveys than in 2013, despite the strength of the AfD. The climate in the faction has also improved. There is a relationship of trust between Dietmar Bartsch and myself, we work well together. This is the prerequisite for a successful election campaign.

Troika policies in Greece are recipe for environmental disaster

Citing a report published on September 15 by WWF Greece that highlighted how legal and political safeguards for environmental protection have been seriously undermined, the Greens urged Juncker to conduct “a rigorous assessment of the environmental and social impacts of economic reform policies in Greece.”

Τhe Battle over CETA is far from over

No more than two days were needed for the CETA text, only just signed in front of the cameras, to be rejected again. The German Greens announced their intention of blocking its ratification, in its present form, in the Bundesrat, something that is within their capacities given the way that its system functions. Is the participation of the Bundesrat indispensable for ratification of the treaty? German jurists are working on this question, and it is thorny.

Can Jill Carry Bernie’s Baton? A Look at the Green Candidate’s...

Bernie Sanders supporters are flocking to Jill Stein, the presumptive Green Party presidential candidate, with donations to her campaign exploding nearly 1000%after he endorsed Hillary Clinton. Stein salutes Sanders for the progressive populist movement he began and says it is up to her to carry the baton. Can she do it? Critics say her radical policies will not hold up to scrutiny. But supporters say they are just the medicine the economy needs.