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Catalonia versus the Spanish state: the battleground in 2017

By Dick Nichols January 17, 2017 2017 will be the year of showdown between Catalonia and the Spanish state over whether the Catalan people have a...

Coup in Madrid, crisis in the PSOE

On September 28, Carles Puigdemont, premier of Catalonia and head of the pro-independence Together For The Yes (JPS) regional government, told the Catalan parliament that the country would decide its relation to Spain by September 2017 through “a referendum or a referendum”.

Spanish soap opera

On June 26th this year Spanish voters went to the polls to elect a parliament for the second time in six months. The Popular Party won, but it did not get a large enough majority to continue in power.

Construire un pont entre l’islam et la République

L'islam de France m'a toujours paru être une grande cause nationale. Avec 4,1 millions de fidèles, selon l'Institut national d'études démographiques (INED), il constitue la deuxième religion de France. Certes, tous les immigrés d'origine maghrébine, africaine ou turque, et pour la plupart de nationalité française, ne sont pas musulmans, mais ils le sont

Catalans believe their problem is Spain

Hundreds of thousands of Catalonians have gathered in five different towns of Spanish autonomous community to encourage the speeding up of the process of breakaway from Spain, to which central government is fiercely opposed, according to reports of local media.

States become largely irrelevant, still everybody wants one!

CATALONIA’S regional parliament has approved a plan to set up a road map for independence from Spain by 2017, in defiance of the central government. The proposal was made by pro-secession politicians from the Together For Yes alliance and the extreme left-wing Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP). The groups together obtained a parliamentary majority in regional elections in September.