Swiss-German Novartis scandal rocks Greece

Novartis-Gate: 2 Prime Ministers, 8 Ministers involved in Greece’s Kickback Scandal

February 5, 2018

The names of two prime ministers and eight ministers of Health, Finance and Development are involved in the Novartis bribe scandal, media report Monday afternoon, after the prosecutor decided to forward the investigation findings to the Greek Parliament. The scandal is estimated to be worth 85 billions euros.
According to first information leaked to the press, indications speak of the ministers of Health, Finance and Development, for the time between 2006 and beginning of 2015.
Although they names of the ministers have not been officially released, several names are already in circulation in the corridors of media outlets and websites.

Greek Politicians May Have Taken Bribes from Drug Maker, Prosecutors Say

ATHENS — A report from Greek prosecutors has found that 10 high-profile politicians, including two former prime ministers and a top European Union official, may be linked to bribery accusations involving a Swiss drug manufacturer.
The inquiry, which was sent to Parliament on Tuesday by anticorruption prosecutors in Athens, is centered on accusations that the pharmaceutical giant Novartis made payments to politicians in exchange for fixing the prices of its medicines at artificially high levels and increasing its access to the Greek market.

Novartis Scandal Rocks Greece

By Philip Chrysopoulos

The case of the Novartis pharmaceuticals giant and allegations that former top government officials — including two prime ministers — were receiving bribes has shaken Greece’s political world.
On Tuesday a file from the Supreme Court Prosecution Office was tabled in parliament. According to the case file, ten former high-ranking officials and other parties allegedly took bribes worth millions of euros from the pharmaceuticals company.

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