Spain: Fresh violence erupts at protests over rapper’s arrest

Supporters of jailed Spanish rapper Pablo Hasel clashed with police and damaged property in fresh unrest. Around 10 people were arrested, including two involved in torching a police van.

Feb.28, 2021

Protests over the jailing of a Spanish rapper in a highly contentious free speech case turned violent again, after a brief respite, in the city of Barcelona where a police van was torched, and looting broke out on Saturday.

Spain has been hit by widespread demonstrations since police jailed rapper Pablo Hasel on February 16.

Several thousands of people marched peacefully on Saturday before small groups of people spun off and engaged in acts of vandalism.

The protests turned violent by evening, with some protesters setting one of the police vans on fire, along with many rubbish bins.

“Hooded rioters” also looted bank branches — one of which was set ablaze — and shops, according to the police.

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