Middle East: The unending War

‘What We Are Seeing is the Collapse of the Attempt to Destroy Syria’


Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that Israel would not accept any restrictions in Syria. Radio Sputnik discussed the isssue with ​​​Dr Tim Anderson, Australian analyst, Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney, author of the ‘Dirty War on Syria’.
Dr Tim Anderson: We also have to be very careful, don’t we, about these claims, aggressive talk. There’s been a lot of aggressive talk from Mr Netanyahu in recent times. But we saw the result of incursions in Syria and that was a very embarrassing, not to say humiliating, setback for the Israelis who thought that they controlled the skies without any competition. And so, it’s given them some pause to think the fact that their F-16 was shot down.
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Afrin puts Turkish-Iranian-Russian mistrust on full display

Almost a month after Turkey’s launch of Operation Olive Branch in the northern Syrian district of Afrin, there is no clear outcome. Since the beginning of the campaign, Turkey’s post-Afrin objectives remained a matter of serious concern to other players — mainly Iran — whose reaction was to distance itself from supporting the Turkish assault while simultaneously refraining from supporting the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the area.
To Iran, Turkey’s intervention will only complicate the already-complicated situation in Syria and weaken the Sochi peace process that already witnessed a major setback in the Jan. 28 meeting in Russia, when the majority of the Syrian opposition boycotted the conference.
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