Merkel vows to defend Germany from the US

Merkel’s Response to US Nord Stream 2 Sanctions Tantamount to ‘Declaration of War’ on Trump – Bild

by Svetlana Ekimenko
20 Dec. 2019
The US Senate passed a $738 billion defence bill for the 2020 fiscal year on 17 December that includes punitive sanctions against Nord Stream 2 and its European partners, with the Trump administration recently stepping up pressure on Berlin to abandon the pipeline project, arguing it would make Europe energy-dependent on Russia.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s reaction to Washington’s looming sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is tantamount to a “clear declaration of war” on US President Donald Trump, writes the German tabloid Bild.
“Merkel will not tolerate the United States continuing to undermine the gas pipeline project, which enjoys her government’s support,” the article says.
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US sanctions on Nord Stream 2 is Trump’s ‘bogeyman story’ for Europeans, but he can’t stop the Russian pipeline – Alexander Rahr

19 Dec, 2019
The latest US sanctions are not just targeting Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline but the whole energy alliance between Russia and Europe, according to Alexander Rahr, research director at the German-Russian Forum.
RT talked to Rahr, following the approval of a bill by the US Senate, which would sanction companies involved in the construction of the Russian gas pipeline to Europe. The bill is expected to be signed by US President Donald Trump later this week.
European companies working on Nord Stream 2 will have enough time to complete the project before US sanctions are implemented, according to Rahr. Under the new bill they will have 30 days to stop their operations.

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Germany ‘won’t back down’ under threat of US sanctions over Nord Stream 2 pipeline with Russia – Merkel

18 Dec, 2019
Chancellor Angela Merkel has insisted that Berlin will not give into pressure from Washington after the US Senate approved a bill sanctioning German companies working on a pipeline that will deliver natural gas from Russia.
During Wednesday’s Q&A session in parliament, lawmakers asked Merkel about the possibility of the US slapping sanctions on German companies building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
The chancellor said that she firmly opposes such sanctions because they have an extraterritorial effect. They will not push Berlin to abandon the project, however, she said.
We haven’t backed down [to the US] with regards to the NSA [spying] affair, nor do we intend to back down now.

German Minister: EU Nations Should Join Silk Road as Bloc

27 April 2019
Germany’s Economy Minister Peter Altmaier says that the major countries of the European Union (EU) should sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with China to participate in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as a bloc, rather than individually.
During this week’s New Silk Road Forum held in Beijing, Altmaier urged EU countries to sign onto the China project as a trade bloc. Currently, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Portugal have individual agreements with China to be a part of the country’s international New Silk Road project.
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