Israel accused of stealing organs of dead Palestinians

Israel ‘stealing organs’ from bodies in Gaza, alleges human rights group

By Joshua Askew

Concerns about ‘organ theft’ by Israel’s forces from dead Palestinians were raised by Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor.

Israel’s army has been accused of stealing organs from the dead in Gaza by an NGO, which called for an independent international investigation.

Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said on Sunday it had “concerns” about possible organ theft from Palestinian corpses, following reports by medical professionals in Gaza who examined some bodies after they were released by Israel.

The NGO claimed it has documented Israeli forces confiscating dozens of dead bodies from the al-Shifa and Indonesian hospitals in northern Gaza, alongside others in the south.

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Israel Stole Organs from Bodies of Palestinians – Gaza Authorities

Dec 27, 2023

Gaza authorities accused Israel on Tuesday of stealing organs from the bodies of Palestinians and called for an international investigation into it.

In a statement, the government media office in Gaza said that the examination of bodies revealed that their shapes changed significantly due to the theft of vital organs from the corpses.

Early on Tuesday, the Israeli authorities released the bodies of dozens of Palestinians killed by the Israeli army who were detained during its ground operation.

“The occupation handed over unidentified bodies and refused to specify the names of these martyrs. It also refused to specify the places from which it stole them,” the statement said.

The office also criticized “the silent position of the international organizations operating in Gaza, including the International Committee of the Red Cross, towards such an awful crime by the (Israeli) occupation.”

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Int’l committee must investigate Israel’s holding of dead bodies in Gaza​

Nov 26, 2023

Geneva – The Israeli army has been holding the bodies of dozens of Palestinians killed during its genocide in the Gaza Strip beginning on 7 October, and Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor has called for the creation of an independent international investigation committee into organ theft suspicions.

Euro-Med Monitor has documented the Israeli army’s confiscation of dozens of dead bodies from Al-Shifa Medical Complex and the Indonesian Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip, and others from the vicinity of the so-called “safe corridor” (Salah al-Din Road) designated for displaced people heading to the central and southern parts of the Strip.

According to Euro-Med Monitor, the Israeli army also dug up and confiscated the bodies from a mass grave that was established more than 10 days ago in one of the Al-Shifa Medical Complex’s courtyards.

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Israel harvested organs without permission, officials say

Dec 21, 2023

Jerusalem (CNN) — Israel harvested organs from bodies in the 1990s without permission of family members, the former head of a state-run forensic laboratory said in a newly released interview.

Government officials acknowledge that the practice happened, but emphasize that it ended years ago.

In an interview in 2000, which was released to an Israeli TV channel and broadcast over the weekend, Dr. Yehuda Hiss — who was once head of the Abu Kabir forensic institute — discussed the practice.

“We started to harvest corneas for various hospitals in Israel,” Hiss said in the interview on Israel’s Channel 2 network.

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