Indian workers call for the regulation of undocumented immigrants to save lives during coronavirus crisis

INDIAN workers in Britain called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson today to regularise all undocumented immigrants living and working in Britain to save lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a letter to the PM, Indian Workers’ Association GB general secretary Joginder Bains said that, despite the government being aware of the “immense financial contributions” of irregular immigrants to the British economy, their right to be part of society is “overlooked.”

Ms Bains said that while the government’s offer of healthcare and medical treatment to all was welcome, illegal immigrants have no faith that they won’t be deported if they seek help.

She said: “Consequently, there might be thousands not observing the quarantine policy and thousands of others not seeking medical advice and treatment leading to the spread of the virus in their communities.

“In the absence of family support, those who are required to observe isolation may go without food and medicine. Not being eligible [for] state funding, they may also be suffering financial hardship.”

Ms Bains warned it could cost the country “many more [lost] lives.”