Immigrant detention: a prospering business

Four multinationals manage 7 of the 9 detention centres in the United Kingdom, with the contracts they sign worth millions of pounds. Nevertheless, there are complaints, allegations and deaths amidst what is happening under their management. Which are they and how can this system be explained?

  Marcos Ortiz F.


“The United Kingdom is the first European country to have outsourced the management of detention camps. In other European countries we see that privatization is growing but not yet on such a large scale as in the United Kingdom”, French political scientist of Migreurop, Lydie Arbogast states authoritatively. The information compiled in her study “Migrant detention in the European Union: a thriving business” is telling.

It is estimated that 6 out of 10 immigrants detained in the United Kingdom are under the protection of one of the four private management companies in this field of business, which is a statistic that can only be matched in the United States and Australia.