Grenell, a new step in transforming US into a Criminal – Totalitarian Superpower

Susan Rice: Grenell is a ‘hack,’ who turned intel community into Trump re-election tool

Former National Security Adviser and U.N. ambassador Susan Rice slammed President Trump’s pick as acting DNI Richard Grenell, calling him a “hack and a shill,” and says he is “one of the most nasty, dishonest people I’ve ever encountered”
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Trump’s New Spy Chief Used to Work for a Foreign Politician the U.S. Accused of Corruption

Richard Grenell did not disclose payments for advocacy work on behalf of a Moldovan politician whom the U.S. later accused of corruption. His own office’s policy says that could leave him vulnerable to blackmail.
by Isaac Arnsdorf
President Donald Trump’s new acting intelligence director, Richard Grenell, used to do consulting work on behalf of an Eastern European oligarch who is now a fugitive and was recently barred from entering the U.S. under anti-corruption sanctions imposed last month by the State Department.

Acting intelligence head Richard Grenell’s push to decriminalize homosexuality has yielded little

Grenell, as ambassador to Germany, announced an administration-wide push to decriminalize homosexuality in the 68 countries where it is still illegal
By Tim Fitzsimons
Feb. 21, 2020
Donald Trump became the first president to name an openly gay person to a Cabinet-level position Wednesday when he announced that Richard Grenell would serve as his acting director of national intelligence.
Grenell is the architect of a U.S.-led effort to decriminalize homosexuality in the 68 countries where it is still illegal. In two others, Iraq and Egypt, homosexuality is de facto illegal.

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Team Bernie Fingers Richard Grenell for Leaking Russia Story

he Sanders campaign specifically pointed to a late 2018 speech where the senator “called out” Richard Grenell.
By Julia Arciga
Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign has responded to recent reports about Russia attempting to aid the Vermont senator in 2020 by suggesting the claim was leaked as part of a conspiracy against him concocted by Team Trump—specifically pointing the finger at President Trump’s new acting director of national intelligence, Richard Grenell.
In a Friday campaign email titled “Facts to Remember on Russian Interference Briefing,” Mike Casca—the campaign’s communications director—lays out an argument questioning the timing of the Moscow meddling report.

America’s Trumpiest Ambassador

To conservatives, Richard Grenell is the poster child of a Trumpian foreign policy. To critics, he is a shallow ideologue.
There is perhaps no more lucid illustration of the perilous state of American diplomacy in the Trump era than the improbable rise of Richard Grenell.
Just a few years ago, Grenell was best-known in U.S. political circles as a right-wing internet troll—hectoring journalists on Twitter, lobbing personal insults at perceived adversaries, and preaching zealously to the Fox News faithful. Today, as the U.S. ambassador to Germany, he occupies one of the most crucial diplomatic posts in the world.

Trump envoy says US, Europe agreed Soleimani was a threat

Berlin meanwhile indicates that Tehran may have taken ‘first step to the end’ of Iran nuclear deal.
By BERLIN —Washington’s envoy to Germany Richard Grenell said Monday his country’s European allies agreed that Iranian General Qassem Soleimani — assassinated last week by the U.S. — was a terrorist threat, but were wrong to focus so much on de-escalation.
The American ambassador, in interviews with German and U.S. media, justified the assassination in Iraq of “a man who was very comfortable with killing and terrorism” — who he stressed had been designated a terrorist by EU members including Germany.