French Fascists support the deportation of Palestinians

Hamas attack: “We must allow Israel to eradicate” the Islamist movement, says Marine Le Pen

Oct 10, 2023

The president of the National Rally group Marine Le Pen was the guest of Europe 1-CNews this Tuesday. At Sonia Mabrouk’s microphone, she returned to the Hamas attack on Israeli territory. While the toll continues to rise day after day, the former presidential candidate believes “that Israel must be allowed to eradicate Hamas”.

Three days after the start of the attack by the Islamist group Hamas on Israeli soil, the number of deaths on Hebrew territory continues to rise. At least 900 people have lost their lives, according to a latest report from the Israeli army. In retaliation, Israel’s strikes on Gaza were numerous, killing more than 500 Palestinians.

Invited this Tuesday morning on the set of La Grande Interview Europe 1-CNews, the president of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen, did not hide her amazement after the Hamas attack. “What is happening is the worst thing. In reality, we are once again witnessing pogroms. And these pogroms are taking place in the land of Israel by a terrorist group that is displaying brutal bestiality. name,” she judges.

“Islamist fundamentalism has struck again”

“I think that all French people were struck with amazement, sadness and potentially anger with regard to Islamist fundamentalism, which has once again struck. Once again, with the same methods all over the world,” adds the former presidential candidate. On Saturday, when the attack began, members of the Islamist group did not hesitate to attack civilians, killing motorists, passers-by, young revelers in a rave party organized not far from the border, sometimes going into houses to kill or capture their owners.

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Evacuate the Palestinian population

“Terrorism is the worst cowardice and the worst brutality,” adds Marine Le Pen, who now believes that “Israel must be allowed to eradicate Hamas.” “I think that for this, perhaps, we must ensure that we protect part of the Palestinian population, which is hostage to Hamas,” suggests the RN deputy for Pas-de-Calais.

“A part of the Palestinian population probably supports Hamas. But for the other, it is hostage. So, perhaps the international community should ask Egypt to open an asylum to allow the Palestinian population to “evacuate Gaza”, concludes Marine Le Pen.

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