Fire: 935.000 hectares burned – New satellite image of the disaster

Sep 3, 2023

Latest satellite data made available today by the Rapid Mapping Service  of the European Commission, for the largest forest fire of the last many years on European territory in Evros.

According to the analysis of the satellite data, the total area burned by the forest fire of Evros, which resulted from the combination of the fires in Alexandroupolis and Dadia, exceeds 935.000 hectares (up to 02.09., 11:31 local time).

Out of the total 935.000 acres of burnt area, we roughly have these three numbers:

  • 440.180 str concern forest lands (47%).
  • 318.700 str concern bush lands (34%).
  • 81.140 str concern agricultural lands (9%).

Visualization of the burnt area was carried out by the unit  of the National Observatory of Athens.

Terrifying spread of the burned area in two 24 hours

It is recalled that meteo in a recent publication showed the evolution of the burnt area from satellite images in the great fire in Evros.

The images as captured by the Copernicus Rapid Mapping Service of the European Commission, of the largest forest fire of the last many years on European soil in the Evros, were particularly disturbing.

The fire started on 19.08.2023 and continues to burn until today, having active foci around the burned areas.

The following video (animation) shows the evolution of the burned areas from the day the fire broke out until 29.08.2023.


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