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Netanyahu makes headway in polls weeks before elections

Oct 7, 2022

Former Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is inching closer to a resounding victory in the upcoming November elections, with the most recent polls showing that his far-right bloc has secured 61 seats in the Knesset, enabling him to form a majority government.

The poll, reported by Hebrew newspaper Maariv, puts the far-right bloc at 61 seats for the first time since July.

Netanyahu’s Likud will win 32 seats, the poll indicates, while interim Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid party will win 23.

Additionally, Itamar Ben Gvir’s Religious Zionism party stands at 14 seats, while the National Camp party of Defense Minister Benny Gantz is at a mere 12 seats.

Despite recent polls indicating a slight decline in Netanyahu’s popularity, the latest figures suggest that the former prime minister could be able to form a majority government with the 61-seat minimum.

However, another poll claims that Netanyahu’s bloc stands at just 60 seats, falling one seat short of a majority. According to this poll, Netanyahu has a better position if Interior Minister Ayalet Shaked stays in the race, and in the event that she reaches the election threshold of 3.25 percent.

Netanyahu has been gearing up for a return to power as he proceeds with his aggressive election campaign, which centers around strong anti-Palestinian sentiment, the introduction of expansionist policies, and the undermining of Lapid’s policies.

The former prime minister has accused Lapid of plunging Israel into an economic crisis, which his campaign promises to remedy.

Last week, Netanyahu vowed to authorize large construction projects in the West Bank in favor of Israeli settlers.

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At heart, the pronouncement, which intends to ease Israel’s housing crisis at the expense of Palestinians, will launch settlements that are close to the coast but outside Tel Aviv and other expensive cities.

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