Eduardo Bolsonaro and Bannon

Son of Brazil President Bolsonaro joins Steve Bannon group

Feb 2, 2019
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s lawmaker son has joined a nationalist group founded by Steve Bannon, US President Donald Trump’s former adviser, the group said Saturday.
“I’m very proud to join Steve Bannon as the leader of The Movement in Brazil, representing Latin American nations,” Eduardo Bolsonaro was quoted in a statement released by the group.
Bannon, who left as White House strategist in August 2017 and had a public falling-out with Trump, started The Movement in Europe to transmit far-right nationalist values and tactics he hopes will win sympathizers seats in the European parliament.
Bannon said enlisting Bolsonaro, a deputy in Brazil’s Congress, was part of the group’s “pursuit of a populist nationalist agenda for prosperity and sovereignty for citizens throughout the world.”
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Steve Bannon Welcomes Eduardo Bolsonaro as Head of The Movement in South America