Complete reversal: The Jewish avantguarde of European Far Right

The Ann Coulter of France is a Jew of Algerian heritage

Extremely divisive but beloved by some on the right for his harsher-than-usual anti-Muslim rhetoric, Eric Zemmour falls back on his Jewish roots to deflect accusations of racism

13 November 2019

Eric Zemmour, one of the most famous — or infamous, depending on who you ask — pundits in France, headlined a political gathering in Paris last month titled the “Convention of the Right.” Joining Zemmour was Marion Marechal, a rising star of the French far right and the granddaughter of National Front party founder Jean-Marine Le Pen.

Zemmour, 61, a birdlike man who stands 5-foot-4, delivered a thrilling performance to his fans despite a bout of laryngitis.

“Our brilliant progressives, so arrogant, so enamored with the future and dismissive of past things like their previous iPhone, believed they had left the archaic reality of war of nations and classes. They’ve landed us in a war of race and religions,” Zemmour said at the podium, pausing for passionate applause.

“We’re caught between the anvil and the hammer of two universalisms crushing our nation, people, territory, traditions, ways of life and culture,” he warned. “Mercantile universalism that’s served to transform our minds into rootless zombies in the name of human rights. And Islamic universalism feeding on our religion of human rights to safeguard its occupation, colonization, seizure of French territory and slow application, thanks to numerical strength, of religious laws on foreign enclaves.”

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