Biden calls Putin

Speculations Rife Over Where Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden May Meet as ‘Third Country’ Venue Floated

Apr. 14, 2021
Tuesday’s phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Joe Biden was described as “businesslike” by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, with a summit meeting proposed, raising speculation over the possible venue.
US President Joe Biden’s telephone call to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday was hardly unexpected, as logic favour continuing dialogue between the two state leaders, said Press Secretary for the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, on Wednesday.
When asked by reporters to weigh in on the differing accounts of the call offered by the Kremlin and White House, the presidential spokesman said that the parties involved in such exchanges typically accentuate aspects that they prioritise.
Putin and Biden spoke on the phone on 13 April at the initiative of the latter, with Peskov describing it as “businesslike” and lengthy.
According to the Kremlin’s account of the call, Biden proposed “normalising the state of affairs on the bilateral track” and suggested focusing on “pressing matters such as ensuring strategic stability and arms control.”
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Biden calls Putin suggesting to meet

Apr. 14, 2021
As Moscow and Washington were heading to an increasingly tough standoff, US President Joe Biden – who actually provoked the spike in tensions a while ago – made a phone call to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Tuesday to discuss strategic stability issues, and suggested they should meet in a third country, Kommersant writes.
“By making the call, Biden initiated another round of the political chess game that previous US administrations used to play, opening with an E2-E4 move. At the same time, his invitation to meet in a third country is also a signal to Washington’s allies, indicating that the current White House administration considers the Russian leader to be worthy of a handshake. It is also sort of an apology for the vulgar statement that Joe Biden made in an interview with ABC News,” Senior Research Fellow at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute for US and Canadian Studies Vladimir Vasilyev pointed out.
Another Senior Research Fellow at Institute for US and Canadian Studies, Pavel Koshkin, told Vedomosti that the phone call “shows that there is a direct communication line between the two presidents.” As for Biden’s proposal to hold a summit in a third country, it proves that “Washington has to reckon with Moscow” and intends to maintain dialogue, the expert stressed.
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