Biden Admin Gives Iran’s Mullahs Another Victory: Taliban Takeover

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by Majid Rafizadeh

In the past, the Iranian regime used to hide its ties with Taliban; not anymore…. “The Taliban today,” Kayhan wrote recently, “is different from the Taliban that used to behead people.” So far, there seems insufficient evidence if that is true. At the moment, it does not look that way.

“Thinking that the Taliban will come under Tehran’s command is tantamount to growing a snake up your sleeve.” — Ali Khorram, former Iranian diplomat,

The Iranian regime seems happy to build alliances with any government or terror group that shares Tehran’s hatred towards Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries, Israel or the US.

One of the critical opportunities that the Iranian regime sees in Taliban’s takeover is that the group can once again become a safe haven for terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, or Islamic State — called virtually identical “Pepsis” to the Taliban’s “Coke” — that attack the United States.

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In 2017, a trove of 470,000 documents released by the CIA also revealed close ties between Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and the Iranian regime. A federal court ruling, found that “Iran furnished material and direct support for the 9/11 terrorists.” At least eight of the hijackers passed through Iran before heading to the US. A federal US District court ordered Iran, for its role in 9/11, to pay some of its victims more than $10 billion, although there may be no way to force Iran to comply. US Federal courts have also ruled that Iran still owes Americans $53 billion for Iran having bombed the US Marine Corps barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1983, and other assaults.

What we are seeing is that the Biden administration just handed the mullahs of Iran – as well as the Chinese, the Russians, the North Koreans and the Turks — yet another victory as they all cheer the US failure in Afghanistan and celebrate the takeover of Central Asia by terrorists.

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