Zapatistas: Capitalism Won’t Allow AMLOs, Lulas, Correas or Evos

19 April 2018

The Subcomandate Galeano warned about the next possible fraud in Mexican elections and the rise of right wing in Latin America

The Subcomandante Galeano, the most well-known spokesperson of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN), said that the Capitalist Hydra won’t allow any left-wing reformist governments in Latin America, and warned about the next possible electoral fraud in Mexico and the rise of the right in the region.

Speaking at the cycle of conferences titled “Looks, Listens, Words, Thinking Forbidden?” Galeano said in his firm, slow voice that the Zapatistas didn’t want “neither reform nor revolution, but survival, resistance and rebellion,” because “capitalism is going for everything and won’t allow any Lulas, nor Dilmas, Kirchners or Correas, nor Evos nor Lopez Obradors, nor whatever name is offering to take a breath.”

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) is the candidate for the left-right wing coalition “Together We’ll Make History,” and is currently the favorite by a wide margin. The last poll published by the daily Reforma gave AMLO 48 percent of the vote intention, while the right-wing Ricardo Anaya is far behind with 26 percent.

Other polls don’t give such a generous margin, but most are certain that at this point, after three presidential campaigns and a general disdain for the traditional mainstream parties, AMLO is unbeatable.

But Galeano disagrees. As right-wing governments in Latin America are on the rise and the most progressive ones are under heavy international pressure or have been victims of coups, the EZLN famous spokesperson thinks Mexicans won’t have it that easy.

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“The institutional left is certain that Donald Trump, president of the United States, Brazil’s Michel Temer and Argentina’s Mauricio Macri will be followed by a Lopez Obrador south of Rio Grande. They’re taking it for granted, even though Lopez Obrador is very moderate, promises everything and now is in a fight with [Carlos] Slim because of the airport…” said Galeano.

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