U.S. Troops to Disembark in Argentina

By : Héctor Bernardo / Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News /

 Mauricio Macri sent a delegation to the United States to arrange the installation of a North American military base in Ushuaia. A specialist of the CEMIDA (Center of Militaries in Favour of Democracy), Elsa Bruzzone, stated: “The objective of the US is to gain control over all of our natural resources”.

Mauricio Macri’s government sent a delegation of the Defense Ministry to the U.S. to discuss military cooperation projects. The most controversial one involves the installation of a North American military base in Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego province.

The North American military expansion in the Southern Cone has had great proportions over the past few years. Researchers, such as journalist Stella Calloni, sociologist Atilio Borón and journalist Telma Luzzani, have denounced the increase in the number of bases in many articles and books.

The Argentinian government assured: “We want the city of Ushuaia to become a logistic base to support the scientific activities in the Antarctic”.

The discourse of the Cambiemos party officers is the same one that has allowed Washington to create a network of around 100 bases. The excuses are always selfless: humanitarian aid, support in cases of natural catastrophes, combating narco-traffick or promoting development and scientific research.

Elsa Bruzzone, specialist in geopolitical, strategy and national defense issues and member of the CEMIDA (Center of Militaries in Favour of Democracy), affirmed: “The United States is using different excuses —among them, alleged “humanitarian aid” and “support in cases of natural catastrophes”— to install military bases disguised as “scientific research bases”. These covert bases are always established in areas with highly strategic natural resources: water, fertile soil for food production, minerals, hydrocarbons, and biodiversity”.

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“Apart from the military base that they want to install in Ushuaia, they also intend to install one in the area of the Triple Frontier (where Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina converge). They insist on installing it in the city of San Ignacio, in the province of Misiones, Argentina. They intend to gain complete control over the Guaraní Aquifer. This is something that they have already tried in the Argentine city of Resistencia, Chaco, in 2012, using ‘humanitarian aid’ as an excuse. But the resistance of the people of Chaco, in addition to the activity of the CEMIDA, the Defense Ministry and the Chancellery, managed to stop that project”, Bruzzone stated.

Bruzzone also pointed out that, with their military bases, “they are seeking to encircle all the natural resources that we have in Latin America. They are forming a sort of fence. The covert military bases they have installed in Central America and the Caribbean, in addition to the ones installed in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, plus the NATO military base in Malvinas Islands and the British military post in the Georgia Islands, form a fence on all natural resources and support their presence in the Antarctic”.

Finally, the specialist said: “We must not forget that the Antarctic is the greatest freshwater reserve in the world. Right in that area, there is a sovereignty dispute between Argentina, Chile and Great Britain. The Antarctic Peninsula has the largest hydrocarbon fields in the region and there are highly strategic minerals, which are essential to the military and aerospace industry. The U.S. objective is to gain control over all of our natural resources”.

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Cambiemos officers show, once again, that their measures, far from defending the rights of the Argentinian people, represent the interests of the White House. Every day, Macri proves why Barack Obama is so satisfied with his administration.