To be or not to be a Jew? Τhe case of Ivanka Trump

By Daniel Estrin, Associated Press

Original post date: 26 January 2017

Is Ivanka Trump really Jewish?

Last summer, Israel’s religious authorities issued a ruling that raised doubts about her conversion to Judaism. But since her father was elected president, they have changed their tune, raising eyebrows among activists who have long lobbied the rabbinical establishment to be more tolerant toward converts.

President Donald Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism under a prominent Orthodox rabbi in Manhattan before her 2009 marriage to Jared Kushner, an observant Jew.

In their ruling last July, an Israeli government religious court rejected the legitimacy of another conversion by the same rabbi. Although it didn’t directly affect Ivanka Trump, it raised questions as to whether Israel’s powerful religious establishment would recognize her as being Jewish.


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