The Left and the euro: liquidate, rebuild

If the past few weeks are to be anything other than another reason to be depressed, they might at least serve as the starting point for a Lexit: a Left able, finally, to relinquish the euro. 

By Frédéric Lordon; translated from the French by David Broder.


To those people, sincerely of the Left, who have so long refused to see what an impasse the euro represents, as they foster the illusion of an improbable ‘balance of forces’ whose configuration could possibly be changed; to those who needed the Greek ordeal in order to (begin to) get a sense of the ideological radicalism of the European institutions – it must be said that after this error has dealt a hammer-blow to Syriza in Greece, it will also deal a hammer-blow to Podemos in Spain, and then to all of us.


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