Sunday, 23 June , 2024

War of Civilizations

Trump, Flynn and the anti-Islam” Lobby

Flynn had advised Trump through his campaign and was once considered a potential running mate. The retired Army lieutenant general served as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the service that specializes in providing intelligence to the military until he was forced out in 2014 after reported leadership clashes.

New CIA director threatens Iran

Mike Pompeo, named Friday by President-elect Donald Trump to lead the Central Intelligence Agency, tweeted on Thursday that he was looking forward to “rolling...

De l’ antisémitisme a l’ islamophobie

ertains s’indignent que l’on ose comparer les attaques dont les musulmans sont aujourd’hui l’objet à l’antisémitisme d’autrefois. Il ne s’agit bien évidemment pas de la Shoah, auquel cas le parallèle serait effectivement scandaleux. Mais le discours islamophobe qui gagne chaque jour un plus de terrain ressemble en tous points aux théories antisémites qui

Oubliez Finance et Empire. Allez a la guerre contre l’ Islam.

Zemmour Djihadiste ! : “L’islam est incompatible avec la France” – le naufrage médiatique d’une Société où se répand le “racisme anti-arabes” (Article Mis à...

Construire un pont entre l’islam et la République

L'islam de France m'a toujours paru être une grande cause nationale. Avec 4,1 millions de fidèles, selon l'Institut national d'études démographiques (INED), il constitue la deuxième religion de France. Certes, tous les immigrés d'origine maghrébine, africaine ou turque, et pour la plupart de nationalité française, ne sont pas musulmans, mais ils le sont

Marine Le Pen pledges Frexit referendum

The leader of France's far-right National Front set the tone for her campaign for the French presidency, calling to fight an Islamist "offensive" and promising to hold a nationwide referendum on European Union membership if she is elected next spring.

On the Future of World Social Forum

This new WSF session occurred here in Montreal on the second week of August in an opportune moment. In fact, many events happened in a consecutive fashion and many significant political, geostrategic, and dynamic changes that took place after the session of Tunis urged us to be further involved, by the end of our Canadian encounter, in an honest,

We Love to Talk of Terror

The frightful and bloody hours of Friday night and Saturday morning in Munich and Kabul – despite the 3,000 miles that separate the two cities – provided a highly instructive lesson in the semantics of horror and hypocrisy. I despair of that generic old hate-word, “terror”. It long ago became the punctuation mark and signature tune of every facile politician, policeman, journalist and think tank crank in the world.

Are We In A Clash Of Civilizations?

By Ron Paul The credibility of all American politicians now requires acknowledging that America is engaged in a great war for survival – “the war against...

America’s Asymmetrical War Against Muslims

by Sheldon Richman The demagogic exaggeration of the “terrorist threat,” which was the centerpiece of the last Republican debates, is easily deflated with just a moment’s thought....