Thursday, 13 December , 2018


In Death, Mistaken Prospects

Moving forward after the death of Islam Karimov will be difficult and secret services and diplomats around the world will be involved. Uzbekistan is a crucial country in post-Soviet Central Asia and taking control of it, directly or through a third party, will be a move of highly strategic value.

Uzbekistan in the imperial strategy of USA

Both Ukraine and Uzbekistan are the two most important states in this protracted war which is a "war" for domination in Eurasia. Brzezinski was the most outspoken proponent of this strategy, even if lately he was obliged to retreat a little bit from these designs. Here are two old texts explaining this strategy


Islam Karimov is one of the two heads of the former Soviet states who had been ruling the country since independence in 1991. The other one is the president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev (age 76). After Karimov’s death, a country where power was centralized in one man, risks falling into destabilization.