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US sanctions against Iran aimed at regime change

By Peter Symonds 30 June 2018 The Trump administration further spelled out this week the draconian sanctions it intends to enforce on Iran. A senior...

European Army? Europe prefers NATO

By Giulietto Chiesa In the utter confusion distinguishing the European Union, improvisation is the dominant feature. At the height of the US election campaign, the...

France demands an end to TTIP talks

France’s trade minister has increased the pressure on the proposed EU-US trade deal by calling for the talks to be called off. Matthias Fekl, the French minister for foreign trade, tweeted that his government demanded negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) should cease.François Hollande, the French president, also raised doubts about TTIP and said France would not support a deal this year

How the TTIP Could Make Ethical Meat Harder to Find

TTIP provisions would increase large corporations’ ability to control market standards, including those for meat, explains Shefali. This is in part because the trade agreement negotiations are closed to many, including U.S. Congressional representatives as well as lawmakers working at the state level.