Wednesday, 29 January , 2020


Espagne. Accord entre la droite et l’extrême droite en Andalousie

10/01/2019 “Le pacte de la honte”, titre ce jeudi 10 janvier El Periódico de Catalunya. La veille, le Parti populaire (PP, droite conservatrice) avait signé avec...

A Voice From the Left

If somebody asked me, in 2016, why I still consider myself to be on the Left, then I would undoubtedly start from my thoughts about the historical shift that occurred with the atomic bombings of two Japanese cities on 6th and 9th August 1945. Yet I would be the first to admit that the question of these weapons of mass destruction (and other such weapons) transcends the traditional spectrum of political ideologies, including those of the Left and of the Right.