Thursday, 7 December , 2023


Wall Street, media celebrate Trump’s address to Congress

  By Patrick Martin Original posted: 2 March 2017 Wall Street celebrated Donald Trump’s Tuesday speech to a joint session of Congress—in which he promised massive tax...

Republicans Cannot Claim a Mandate When Hillary Clinton Has a 2...

The 2016 presidential-election campaign was long and arduous. And so too is the ongoing process of counting the roughly 135 million ballots cast in a relatively high-turnout election where most Americans did not vote for Donald Trump. What we have learned as the count continues is that the sweeping “Trump Triumphs” headlines and pronouncements from two weeks ago created Republican delusions of electoral grandeur that are not supported by the actual results.

The myth of the reactionary white working class

The most significant statistic from 2016’s election is the massive drop in support for both the Democratic and Republican candidates. While uncounted votes from California may slightly alter these figures, Hillary Clinton received about ten million fewer votes than Barack Obama did eight years ago. Trump, who lost the popular vote while winning the electoral vote,

Klein on Clinton

The Problem With Hillary Clinton Isn’t Just Her Corporate Cash. It’s Her Corporate Worldview. Clinton is uniquely unsuited to the epic task of confronting the...