Tuesday, 4 October , 2022


Macron: a French (potential) Thatcher

by Dimitris Konstantakopoulos Macron “scooped the pool and decamped” in the second round of the French presidential elections, scoring an easy victory over Marine Le...

The Greek Debacle and the political credibility of the European Left

By Klaus Dräger There are two things that remained quite constant since the onset of the ‘euro-zone crisis’ and the ‘Greek tragedy’ starting in 2010....

The Election of Donald Trump      

The recent election of Donald Trump after Brexit, the rise of fascist votes in Europe, but also and much better, Syriza's electoral victory and the rise of Podemos are all manifestations of the depth of the crisis of the system of globalized neoliberalism. This system, which I have always considered unsustainable, implodes before our eyes in its very heart. All attempts to save the system - to avoid the worst - by minor adjustments are doomed to failure.

L’élection de Donald Trump par Samir Amin

L’élection récente de Donald Trump, après le Brexist, la montée de votes fascistes en Europe, mais aussi et bien en meilleur, la victoire électorale de Syriza et la montée de Podemos, sont toutes des manifestations de la profondeur de la crise du système du néolibéralisme mondialisé.

Spain: the civil war in the Socialist Party and the challenges...

In the end, on October 29, it all worked out pretty well for Mariano Rajoy. After patiently implementing his motto that “all things come to he who waits”, the leader of the minority conservative People’s Party (PP) was that day confirmed as Spain’s prime minister for a second four-year term.

Perspectives for the Spanish Left

Nearly 30% of the Spanish population is currently classified by the Unión General de Trabajadores (General Union of Workers, or UGT) as “at risk” of poverty. Any may consider joining the estimated 700,000 Spaniards who have fled the country to find marginal employment elsewhere. Most will opt to stay, however, knowing full well that that they are

Coup in Madrid, crisis in the PSOE

On September 28, Carles Puigdemont, premier of Catalonia and head of the pro-independence Together For The Yes (JPS) regional government, told the Catalan parliament that the country would decide its relation to Spain by September 2017 through “a referendum or a referendum”.

Spanish Soap Opera ends in drama

Last September 25th Basque and Galician citizens went to the polls to elect their autonomous parliaments. Some political analysts thought that the elections could be a catalyst for change in the Spanish political situation. The outcome was, more or less, what was expected, but it has had unforeseen consequences: a civil war inside the Spanish

Regional elections in Spain boost PP, further erode opposition Socialists

The conservative Popular Party (PP) reaffirmed its hold on Galicia, where the incumbent premier Alberto Núñez Feijóo won a third term in office with an absolute majority of 41 seats in the regional parliament, representing over 48% of all votes.

Spanish soap opera

On June 26th this year Spanish voters went to the polls to elect a parliament for the second time in six months. The Popular Party won, but it did not get a large enough majority to continue in power.