Monday, 19 March , 2018


Pesticide Suicide | by Robert Hunziker

December 18, 2017 Pesticide suicide refers to toxic chemicals mucking up the health of animals, plants and insects. This worldwide causatum may be totally out...

Comment le blocus à sauvé les abeilles

20 janvier 2018 Cuba est devenue un des paradis pour l’abeille et c’est principalement dû à l’absence de chimie, explique Roch Domerego, un apithérapeute qui...

Hidden Danger of Ecological Collapse

by Robert Hunziker A recent landmark study that investigated alarming loss of insects is leaving scientists dumbfounded, deeply troubled, potentially the biggest-ever existential threat, risking...

World’s Largest Ever Study On Gmo And Pesticide Safety

Farmers, retailers, governments, scientists and consumers have been involved in a heated international debate since GM foods were introduced in 1994. However, there has never been a scientific study that is comprehensive enough to give them a clear answer regarding the safety for human health of any one GM food – until now.