Wednesday, 4 October , 2023


On the Israel Lobby | by Stephen M. Walt

That ‘Israel Lobby’ Controversy? History Has Proved Us Right October 2, 2017 Ten years ago, John Mearsheimer and I published a controversial article and subsequent book...

Orban’s referendum – no triumph, no defeat

The Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orbán, has failed to convince a majority of his population to vote in a referendum on closing the door to refugees, rendering the result invalid and undermining his campaign for a cultural counter-revolution within the European Union.

Hungary sets date for referendum on EU migrant quotas, PM favors...

Hungary will hold a referendum on October 2 to decide if the country will further accept the EU’s mandatory migrant quota system. Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who initiated the decision, earlier said a “no” vote would be in favor of Hungary's independence.