Thursday, 2 February , 2023

Native Americans

Security Firm Guarding Dakota Pipeline Used Psychological Warfare Tactics for BP

G4S, a company hiring security staff to guard the hotly contested Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL), also works to guard oil and gas industry assets in war-torn Iraq, and has come under fire by the United Nations for human rights abuses allegedly committed while overseeing a BP pipeline in Colombia and elsewhere while on other assignments.

Protests Against This Fracked Oil Pipeline Just Keep Getting Bigger

By Alejandro Dávila Fragoso WASHINGTON D.C — A federal court said on Wednesday it will rule next month whether to temporarily halt construction of a controversial oil pipeline...

Why There’s a Media Blackout on the Native American Oil Pipeline...

As the Lakota Sioux continue their peaceful blockade of the $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline, the story’s absence from the national media narrative is palpable. Considering the corporate media’s chronic quest for controversial stories on government versus public standoffs, you’d think this situation would garner the typical media frenzy