Sunday, 27 September , 2020


Militarists’ Grip Over Canada’s Parliament

By Yves Engler Posted on October 12, 2018 Last week Anju Dhillon told the House of Commons "I saw firsthand the sacrifices that our men...

They are mad: From “usual” Militarism to Exterminism

Devastating war in SPACE will break out between nations 'within a matter of years', warns US Air Force chief A leading member of the...

German army build-up follows federal election

By Tino Jacobson 30 September 2017 Following the recent general election, the upgrading of Germany’s Armed Forces is advancing rapidly. On Monday, Germany ordered...

Canadian Imperialism

Canadian imperialism flexes its muscles By Benoît Tanguay Published in When Justin Trudeau stated that, “Canada is back,” it could have been interpreted as just another...

A more dangerous world is probably coming after the US election!

80% of the population of the USA do not trust and do not appreciate either of the two candidates. The strongest argument for voting Trump is not so much what he says as opposition to Clinton being elected. And the main argument for voting Clinton is not to have Trump elected!

Merkel rearming Germany

On the eve of this weekend’s NATO summit in Warsaw, Chancellor Angela Merkel (Christian Democratic Union, CDU) delivered a government statement to the Bundestag (parliament) demanding the acceleration of German re-armament. In addition to expanding the military budget by almost two billion euros in the next year, and “more than an additional 2.5 billion euros” after 2018, Merkel announced that the Bundeswehr (Armed Forces) would engage more actively alongside NATO in Iraq, Syria, Libya, the Mediterranean and Afghanistan.