Tuesday, 30 November , 2021


HAMAS & Al-Fatah Reach Reconciliation Agreement in Egypt

Palestine: Al Fatah & Hamas gather tomorrow to discuss security at the Gaza Strip Source: Resumen Medio Oriente (with information from Europa Press, Palestina Libre,...

Three Axes in the Middle East

Finding goodness  By Mazin Qumsiyeh   It has been a very challenging week. Not in terms of life or our (volunteer) work. I and my wife...

Humiliation of May, rise of Corbyn, make gloomy news for Jerusalem

By David Horovitz Watching Britain begin to play coalition politics on Friday, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu might have ruefully mused that he’d be delighted...

Hamas, Fatah Announce Deal to Form Palestinian Unity Government

By Jack Khoury Hamas and Fatah have agreed to establish a Palestinian unity government, the two factions said in a statement from Moscow, where they...

Israel will “completely destroy Hamas”, defence minister says

Israel’s Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman has said in an interview that any future hostilities between the Jewish state and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip will be the last, “because we will completely destroy them”.

Reminding Kissinger’s role

One of the most disturbing attributes of the neoconservatives is their willingness to subordinate the United States' national interests to those of Israel. To be sure, the attempt is frequently made to demonstrate that the two nations' interests are identical, but a careful analysis of the impact of Israel's domestic and foreign policies can only conclude that the

Leila Khaled on ISIS and Islamism, Syria and the Palestinians

A terrorist for the Israelis, Khaled was a symbol throughout the world for the Palestinian armed struggle, following her participation in one of the four simultaneous hijackings of September 1970, inspiring songs, films and works of art internationally. These hijackings were part of the Palestinian “response” to the ignominious defeat they suffered with the