Tuesday, 5 December , 2023


Notte della Taranta (Kalinihta)

Antonio Amato, Consuelo Alfieri, Stefania Morciano e Salvatore Cavallo Galeanda (coreografia di Sharon Eyal) Καληνύφτα , Bella ciao - Χαϊνηδες - Mode Plagal  

Does the West exist? Huntingdon revisited

By Dr. William D. E. Mallinson What could arguments for eating insects possibly have to do with a naive essay by a Harvard academic masquerading...

Imperialism, Geopolitics and Religion: The Split Between Moscow and Constantinople

By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos 11.12.2018 A very serious rift regarding Ukraine is now developing between the Ecumenical (Universal) Patriarchate of Constantinople and the biggest and more powerful...