Wednesday, 26 June , 2019


Fifth South-South Forum on Sustainability – Speakers’ speech

SSFS5 Day 1 – Political and Economic Alternative Paradigms M. P. PARAMESWARAN – Network of Rurban Republics WEN Tiejun – Strategic Transformation of Ecological Civilization and...

Les gilets jaunes | par Danielle Riva

Macron a mis la touche finale à l'implosion de la "gauche" et de la droite qui ont d'immenses difficultés à se reconstituer. En fait...

Jean Ziegler: l’ importance historique de la candidature Melanchon pour l’...

Jean Ziegler, conseil des Droits de l'Homme aux Nations Unies, soutient la candidature de Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Rebirth of the Real Left: is Third-Way Politics Finally Dead?

The persistent unpopularity of France’s socialist leaders is not a national exception attributable to poor employment figures or the renunciation of the left’s main ideas. The US and most other European countries have also witnessed the end of the ideological cycle of the “third way”, personified 20 years ago by Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Felipe González,

Incomes and Globalization (Economic Roots of Western Radicalism)

The effects of of globalisation on income distributions in rich countries have been studied extensively. This column takes a different approach by looking at developments in global incomes from 1988 to 2008. Large real income gains have been made by people around the median of the global income distribution and by those in the global top 1%. However, there

Smashing the Orwellian ‘globalisation’ cell

If good and thoroughly decent people shy away from the completely provable truth then we must all expect the Orwellian ‘globalisation’ cell door to...

Voters deserve responsible nationalism not reflex globalism

Populist opposition to international integration is on the rise in much of continental Europe and has always been the norm in Latin America. The question now is what should be the guiding principles of international economic policy? How should those of us — who believe that the vastly better performance of the global system after the second world war than after the first world war is largely due to more enlightened economic policies — make our case?

Europe can survive. But not like it is now!

While the Brexit vote has created turmoil in Europe on the surface, looking more closely, Brexit has actually created the perfect opportunity to rethink and rebuild a freer, more democratic Europe.

A Divided Nation: Healed by the Hidden Truth!

The British people who voted in the EU Referendum were armed with only a fraction of the truth they needed to cast their votes. Had they known the full and completely provable truth, then the Brexit vote would have been overwhelming and the unfortunate schisms opening up in our country today would not now be occurring.

Sport et mondialisation

Aux antipodes des valeurs de l’olympisme, le sport-business est devenu une industrie très lucrative. Produit et reflet de la mondialisation, il lui imprime ses...