Wednesday, 24 April , 2019


Fabricated Reality: Lobbying for GMO Agriculture in India

by Colin Todhunter February 12, 2018 Richard John Roberts is a prominent biochemist and molecular biologist. On his recent visits to India, he has talked about...

Why food production needs to change to avoid a crisis

As we race towards a population of nine billion, business as usual for farming is no longer a viable option. We must take a...

We are what we eat! – Totalitarianism in Agriculture

Two giants of the farming and chemical industries agreed to merge Wednesday in a $66 billion deal: the U.S.’s Monsanto and Germany’s Bayer, the original maker of aspirin. It’s the year’s biggest deal and will create the world’s largest supplier of seeds and farm chemicals, with $26 billion in combined annual revenue from agriculture. If the merger goes through, it