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La voix dissonante du Forum de São Paulo

Par Maurice Lemoine 27 juillet 2018 La 24e édition du Forum de São Paulo (FSP), rencontre qui rassemble les partis et mouvements progressistes de l’Amérique latine...

Colombia: Farc transforms itself into a political party

COLOMBIA’S communist army the Farc relaunched itself as a political party yesterday at a concert for “reconciliation and peace” in Bolivar Square, Bogota. The guerilla...

The Hypocrisy of Awarding a Nobel Peace Prize to Juan Manuel...

The establishment picks its winners deliberately, according to their interests. They have done it before when they awarded the prize to the two greatest ideologists of the genocide of the Palestine people: Shimon Peres and Isaac Rabin, or to Barack Obama, who went on to spread the US war in the Middle East and maintain the torture center of Guantánamo.

Colombia – The Peace Farce – If There Was Ever One

Colombia apparently voted against Peace with a margin of less than 0.5%, to be exact 0.43%, with a voter participation of only 40%. Can you imagine! This looks, first, like a boycott, as many people didn’t believe in the process and didn’t believe that the results would be adhered to; and, second, it smells of fraud. For example, with most of the ballots

Colombia Votes ‘No’ on Peace Accord, Country’s Future Uncertain

he surprising results—which went against all exit polls that had the "Yes" vote winning easily—are showing that the areas most affected by the conflict have overwhelmingly voted "Yes" for peace. For example in the heavily affected area of Choco, with 95 percent of the vote counted, 79 percent voted "Yes." The Caribbean provinces have also voted "Yes."