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Ankara’s foreign policy as seen by Turkish experts

By Andrei Isaev Dec. 18, 2019 In the opinion of Turkish authorities, Turkey plays a variety of roles on the foreign policy landscape: it is a...

This Is How Steve Bannon Sees The Entire World

Well before victories for Brexit and Trump seemed possible, Bannon declared there was a “global tea party movement” and praised European far-right parties like Great Britain’s UKIP and France’s National Front. Bannon also suggested that a racist element in far-right parties “all gets kind of washed out,” that the West was facing a “crisis of capitalism” after losing its “Judeo-Christian foundation,” and he blasted “crony capitalists” in Washington for failing to prosecute bank executives over the financial crisis.

Eurasianism in the Context of the 21st Century

By Leonid Savin Eurasianist ideology has undergone a series of changes over the last 20 years. After Nursultan Nazarbayev, based on a Eurasianist approach, proposed forming...