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Israel, Kissinger and the Invasion of Cyprus (1974)

CIA Document confirms Kissinger’s involvement in selling Cyprus for 30 silver pieces June 28, 2007 Most noteworthy is the involvement of Henry Kissinger in giving the green...

The Divisions of Cyprus, by Perry Anderson

24 April 2008 Enlargement, widely regarded as the greatest single achievement of the European Union since the end of the Cold War, and occasion...

Perry Anderson on Cyprus (and Obama in Athens)

One of the reasons, many observers believe, President Obama comes to Greece this week, is to press Athens to be “helpful” for a “solution” to the Cyprus problem. On the other hand the European Commission is also pressing hard both Nicosia and Athens to accept a solution, even worse than the one the Cypriot people had rejected back in 2004, by voting by an overwhelming majority NO in a referendum held in both the territories controlled by the Republic of Cyprus and those under the control of the Turkish Army, which invaded Cyprus in 1974 and does not seem in any way willing to leave the island, with or without an agreed solution.