Wednesday, 22 May , 2024

El Khomri

How the EU pushed France to reforms of labour law

The current struggle in France over labour law reforms is not just between the Government and trade unions – a European battle is waged. The attacks on social rights stem in no small part from the web of EU-rules dubbed 'economic governance', invented to impose austerity policies on member states

French Government Attacks Democracy

During the last months in France, we are witnessing the continuation of the neoliberal experiment, which started in Greece and is spreading through the whole continent of Europe. President François Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls are determined to impose a regressive labor law that the majority of the French society does not want.

France: Democracy where are you?

French government seeks to crush strikes against labor law By Alex Lantier In the face of expanding strikes by refinery workers and truckers against the new...